A guitar prodigy, Whiskey Jack Untz got his first professional experience at the age of 13 playing with Frankie Valli. While playing with Rainbow River, a roots rock act, Whiskey Jack opened for legends Ronnie Milsap and Merle Haggard. He later toured with George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Brian Setzer and Elvin Bishop. As he honed his live performance, Whiskey Jack has taken to heart the great words of wisdom he received from B.B. King..."You got to learn to play the rests, son. Everybody else plays the notes.

After moving to Nashville in 2001, Whiskey Jack worked on numerous recordings for independent artists, and, in 2010, he co-wrote and produced his first album, Play for Me. In addition, Whiskey Jack worked as a utility player around Nashville before co-founding Nashville Unleashed - a concert series turned web series that eventually became an internationally syndicated television show focused on sharing the passion and talents of local songwriters. 

It was during the run of Nashville Unleashed that Whiskey Jack met Travis Meadows (who Rolling Stone dubbed "Nashville’s most badass songwriter," with songs recorded by some of country music's most famous artists). For four years, the two toured together as a duo playing what some have labeled "alternative country with a swampy edge." During that time, Whiskey Jack also occasionally shared the stage with other notable singer/songwriters, including Ashley McBryde, Levi Lowrey, Bernie Nelson, Dawn Beyer, Mark Lonsway, Bryan Edwards, Andrea Pearson, Ronny Criss, Shannon Cain, and Hope Cassity.

As a multi-instrumentalist with a natural feel for music, Whiskey Jack's playing comfortably weaves in and out of songs, bringing them new depth and dimension. On stage and in the studio, his unique musical stylings are equally displayed on lap steel, electric guitar, acoustic guitar or mandolin. Although Whiskey Jack's primary passion is the blues, his natural ability and love of music in general allow him to feel at home playing any genre of music.

During the pandemic, Whiskey Jack moved from Nashville, TN to central Florida, where he enjoys a semi-retired lifestyle, spending lots of time learning about the many birds in his neighborhood. He has returned to the stage for select engagements in Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL with some of his favorite artists, while continuing to work on original music.

For booking information, please contact info@whiskeyjackuntz.com.

Travis Meadow's First Cigarette

Whiskey Jack started his musical career as a guitar player and later added other instruments to his toolkit, making him a solid utility player. As a musician who plays by feel rather than reading music, one of his greatest joys is being able to spend time in a studio with an artist helping create new music. And that is exactly what Whiskey Jack got to do with Travis Meadows on his latest record, First Cigarette

During recording, Whiskey Jack played along with Travis, as if they were a live show, something they have done many times over the past few years. In addition to lending gang vocals to one song, Whiskey Jack played the following instruments... 

Released October 13, 2017

Lap Steel - 1973 Fender 
Mandolin1 - 1983 Washburn 
Mandolin2 - 1926 Gibson 
Mandocello - Trinity College 
Pedal Steel - Fessendon Six-Shooter 
Guitar - Krook Custom Telecaster

"Travis is easily one of the most talented songwriters of our generation and, when he performs his own songs, he delivers them with all the feeling with which they were written. Being part of his latest project, First Cigarette, was an experience I am honored and proud to have done. "

                                                          - Whiskey Jack